Injection moulds

Injection moulds for demanding plastic parts

Does your product functionality and competitiveness require high quality moulds? We are leading designer and manufacturer of demanding injection moulding tools in Finland

Camteam core competence is designing and manufacturing of 1k-, 2k- and 3k-plastics parts and moulds. All our tools are made to order, for customer's special needs. We manufacture high quality injection moulding tools, that are tested and ready for production – either in Camteam or at our customer's premises.

By 2k- and 3k-solutions you can combine contrary properties into same part: hard and soft, transparent and colored, stiff and flexible. We have manufactured about 150pcs 2k- and 3k-moulds by now. By combining different materials into same part, you can gain significant benefits, for example: better product properties, less parts and shorter turnaround time compared to several separate moulds and parts. We are also designer and manufacturer of gas assisted injection moulding tools and products. With gas assisted moulds we can manufacture parts that are hollow inside, providing significant benefits in design, manufacturability, weight and assembly.

Comprehensive and high-quality mould design

In Camteam we design the moulds ourselfs using top of the art Siemens NX CAD software. We make both challenging small series moulds and long production run tools. We use components from the best European suppliers like Hasco, Fodesco, Meusburger etc. To ensure highest quality most of our moulds use hot channel feeding systems from the world’s strongest brands (Husky, MoldMasters, Ewikon).

Protomoulds ensure product’s quality before big production investments

We also offer design and manufacturing of prototype and pre-production moulds. It makes it possible to test parts made out of the final material. That way you can confirm your product’s quality before making bigger, long run production investments.

Design, manufacturing and commissioning

Around 90% of the moulds in our use is made in Camteam. We use modern CNC machines for milling, drilling, grinding and turning. We also have a EDM machines for eroding and wire cutting. If necessary we have a good network of subcontractors for extra demanding tasks. During comissioning of moulds at client´s location our moulding specialists participate to ensure optimal setting of the process parameters.