We are investing in our customers' present and future needs


The future is built today. In the 2010s, we have invested substantial development of our competitiveness. We have expanded and saneeranneet production and storage spaces order to be able to better meet the increasing demand of customers, as well as the demands of production as LEAN.

We have invested in our machine and equipment portfolio for development of mould and plastic parts production capability. To guarantee our competitive edge as the leading manufacturer in Finland, we have renewed our EDM- and CNC-machining centers. To develop the injection molding process, we have built a new mould cooling system and renewed nitrogen apparatus for gas-assisted injection molding. For flexible part handling, we have invested in so called “soft robot“.

We have also invested in know-how. From the beginning of 2017, we have a more complete MoldFlow- flow simulation program in our use.

In summer 2017 our injection parts production capacity continued to grow with the acquisition of a new 160tn Engel injection molding machine.

u1History 1991-2016

In Kaarina in 1982-1991 there was a company called Plastic Tool oy, Saloplast Oy tool unit. Plastic Tool Oy manufactured and serviced injection molding moulds for mass production. As the economic downturn, Saloplast decided to shut down the unit in 1991. Six of Plastic Tool employees bought the business and established Camteam Oy. The name was invented when in design there was CAD and CAM and as entrepreneurs there were six friends, forming a team.

The first year was continued by manufacturing further production forms. 1992 Camteam became involved in telecommunication business by producing both injection molded mobile phone prototype parts for Nokia and Benefon. It can be said that almost all of the mobile phone plastic parts designed in Salo, Tampere and Oulu in the 1990s, were manufactured in Camteam. This accounted for almost 90% of the company’s then turnover. Over 100 prototype moulds were manufactured in the best years.

In the '90s, there was also demand for small series production, as many big companies were not interested in them. Camteam got such a nice client base and operations expanded. Camteam run out of factory floor space and owners had to think about new premises. In 1997 we found a real estate with plot in current location Rakentajantie. Extensive renovations were made and in the same year we got the facilities available.


90´s was period of fast growth for Camteam. In that time mobile phones became more sophisticated and started using 2K components. We jumped on that train by investing in two-shot technology and purchased our first 2K moulding machine in 1998. It was just the start and in 2001 a 3K machine arrived under our roof.

With around 30 years of experience Camteam is amongst the leaders of Finnish multi-component moulding industry. Way over 150 multi-shot mould were made in our workshop. In 2010 we bought a heavy 400 ton 2K moulding machine to produce big technical casing parts.

Huge deal of Camteam´s customers are world class companies. We work with brands like GE Healthcare, KaVo Kerr, Vaisala, Mirion, Planmeca, Polar Electro, Fiskars, Ensto , Nordic ID, Jabil Circuit etc. Most parts made by us ends up outside of Finland.


Camteam has made significant investments to improve product development capabilities. The company acquired Autodesk Moldflow software, which is used for flow analysis and simulation of the injection process in order to assess feasibility and possible improvements of customer´s parts. We also invested in Siemens NX - top-shelf 3D designing software. These tools help us to serve our customers needs even more efficiently. In our workshop we use latest tools to easily handle even biggest moulds which are of the size of a small fridge and weight even several tons.

As a contract manufacturer to obtain their own inventory became an issue, and in 2015 the factory was expanded. New warehouse space came to approx. 500 square meters more. At the same time renovated the old production facilities.

Southwest Finland entrepreneurs chose Camteamin Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 in Kaarina.

2016 machinery was again confirmed and ordered a new 160 ton Engel injection molding machine.

Camteamin behind the success of a highly competent and committed personnel. most of the staff have had throughout their career in the field. Thus, the combined experience of time is several hundreds of years.