injection moulded parts


Does your product functionality and competitiveness require high quality parts?

As leading manufacturer of demanding plastic parts in Finland, we deliver them to you.

Camteam manufacturers injection moulded plastics parts (1k, 2k, 3k) according to customer specification. Our customers are mostly Finland’s leading companies in healthcare-, electrical-, electronics- and consumer industries. Demanding customers guarantee continuous improvement in Camteam. Most of the parts that we manufacture are visual, with very high visual quality standards, in addition to dimensional accuracy requirements. Our versatile injection moulding machinery (80-400tn) enables us to fulfill different customer needs. Weight of the parts that we manufacturer rages from 1g to 2000g. Most of the materials that we use, are technical plastics (PC/ABS, PA, POM etc.). We are also leading company in Finland in processing special plastics. Camteam is the biggest user of PEI (Ultem) in Nordic countries. We are also maker of very demanding conductive and boron filled parts, for special customer needs.

Camteam´s material- and injection moulding competence ensures high quality products, especially for your company needs.